We are the AV Media GmbH, Germany, founded in 1988. We were producing Videos for Education, Learning and more, for over 25 years. We love video and we know the power of video – but the weaknesses as well. There is a huge problem using long duration videos with detailed information.
Scrubbing the timeline is a lottery.

Solving this problem is our task.
Our vision is to make video as a tool.
Since 2003, this is our mission.

1999 - 2003 Predecessor VideoSurfer and VideoSurfer Pro

2004 - This year, we published the first Desktop Version. It was called VideoBook in order to combine the strength of video (a picture is worth than thousand words) with the strength of books. Books for education or studying are well structured in chapters with an index to easily find information within hundreds of pages.

2010 - Now we started developing an online version, called VidiBook. This was for internal use in companies, organizations and universities only.

2014 - Finally we started developing a public version, to let everyone be part of our vision

WEBDVD ist our newest online version for Youtube. We are a registered Youtube Developer.