What do you require for a WEBDVD?
Where do you create a WEBDVD?
How do you create a WEBDVD?
How do you share WEBDVD?

You can easily embed your WEBDVD on your website like a Youtube or Vimeo video. Thus a visitor of your web page sees the original video, but with the functions of a WEBDVD extended.

  1. Register for free on webdvd.vidibook.com
  2. In the WEBDVD Manager you can link your Youtube or Vimeo videos.
  3. Create WEBDVD quickly and intuitively
  4. Embed WEBDVD on your website or share in social media
  5. WEBDVD works in any browser on any device

Special gimmick for Youtube and Vimeo:
Export function of their chapters - The tedious creation of a content list in the movie description becomes much easier.